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Am I ready to preplan?

We know that there are many things to be considered in making preplanning decisions so we thought it might be helpful to answer a few of the common questions people often have as they enter the process.

If I prepay, where does my
money go? Is it safe?

Yes, your money is safe. If your arrangements are funded with an insurance product we recommend, the insurance policy is yours. The funeral home can only access those funds once we deliver the services you have contracted for. For those who have placed funds in trust for this purpose, the same applies - they remain your funds until the arrangements are carried out.

What if I move away?

Prearrangements are fully transferable, as is the funding plan you may have put in place. If you move to a new community and decide that your funeral will take place there your plans can go with you. Once you have determined which funeral home you wish to deal with simply advise them that you have a funeral plan in place and they will assist you in arranging to transfer the plan and funding. If you find yourself in a new community and uncertain as to where to take your plan, please don't hesitate to call us. We are acquainted with funeral directors in many different places and may be able to introduce you to a colleague who can meet your needs.

Can I bring a friend for family member when I preplan?

Certainly. First of all we encourage you to discuss your options with family members or others who are close to you - either before you talk with us or after. You are welcome to have anyone you want present when we meet. Once a plan is in place you should let others know so that your preparations won't be overlooked later.

Can I preplan a funeral for someone else?

Yes you can, if you have responsibility for that person's care. As any contract you enter into will be between you and the funeral home we suggest that you be sure to have either a clear authorization from the person to act on their behalf or that you are able to demonstrate legal responsibility for managing their affairs.

More questions?

We would be surprised if there weren't.
Please feel free to contact us at 905-685-6584 or by e-mail with any questions or concerns you may have.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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