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Do I know everything
I need to know?

This short survey is intended to help you determine for yourself if you could benefit from more preplanning information. The questions are primarily intended to give you some food for thought but we hope you will submit your results to help us better understand the community's needs as well.

At the end of the survey we have provided space for your name and contact information. If you would like know more or would be interested in attending an upcoming information session, please complete the form before submitting your survey.

Have you preplanned funeral services for yourself? (Even if your answer is "yes" we suggest you read on and think about whether your plans are complete and up to date.)
Yes No
Have you ever been responsible for the arrangements of a friend or family member at the time of their death? Yes No
If you have not made funeral arrangements are you familiar with the process? Yes No
Do you have accurate knowledge of the average cost of a funeral? Yes No
Are you aware of the options and benefits related to prepaying funeral expenses? Yes No
Have you prepared a will and designated an executor? Yes No
Have you thought about how you would like to have your life memorialized? Yes No
Does your family have full knowledge of, or easy access to, your will, insurance policies, financial records and a documented family history? Yes No
If you were to preplan your funeral would you consider cremation? Yes No
Do you know who would look after your funeral and affairs in case of sudden death? Yes No
Are they familiar with your wishes? Yes No
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I have questions; please contact me. Yes No
I would be interested in attending an information session on preplanning options and benefits. Yes No